Illuminated MSG Sphere in Las Vegas at dusk, symbolizing the city's intersection of technology and daily life.

The MSG Sphere - a beacon of Las Vegas innovation, reminding us of the city's endless potential, much like the promise of AI in reshaping our daily routines.

"In the heart of Las Vegas, where innovation meets daily life, Casey Nolan draws from unique experiences with Uber, Tesla, and the city's elite VIP lounges to envision a transformative future. Imagine a world where Artificial Intelligence reshapes the traditional 9-to-5, eliminating rush hour congestion and maximizing human productivity. As the MSG Sphere lights up the Vegas skyline, we're reminded of the limitless potential that awaits when technology and vision collide."

AI and the 24-Hour Workday: Rethinking Productivity and Traffic

By Casey Nolan

Living in the vibrant, pulsing heart of Las Vegas, I’ve had the privilege of wearing many hats. From maneuvering through busy streets as an Uber driver, ensuring VIP guests are catered for as a table busser, to representing one of the most forward-thinking companies as an owner advisor at Tesla. These experiences have granted me a unique perspective on the daily rhythms of city life. But amidst the hustle and bustle, a vision has emerged — one where Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in reshaping how we think about our workdays and our daily commutes.

The Traditional Work Day vs. The 24-hour Model

The traditional 9-to-5 workday is a relic of the past, yet its effects still loom large, most notably in our daily traffic congestion. These set working hours mean that millions hit the road simultaneously, leading to rush hour traffic. However, what if we could break free from this time frame?

Imagine a world where AI helps distribute work hours throughout the entire 24-hour day. By analyzing work habits, personal preferences, and essential job roles, AI could suggest optimal work hours for individuals. This doesn’t mean working longer, but rather at different times. Such a system could ensure that there’s always a portion of the population working, sleeping, and recreating, but not all at the same time.

Alleviating Congestion and Beyond

My time driving for Uber in Vegas showed me the peaks and troughs of daily traffic. Combining this with the insights from Tesla, it’s clear that AI-driven vehicles will become a norm in the future. If AI can determine optimal travel times based on individual schedules, we might finally say goodbye to the dreaded rush hour.

Cars could communicate with each other, orchestrating a dance of synchronized movement that minimizes congestion. They’d know when to hit the road for maximum efficiency, utilizing AI’s vast processing power to calculate and recalibrate in real-time.

Productivity Reimagined

Beyond traffic, this 24-hour model, aided by AI, could drastically increase our productivity. AI could analyze our peak productivity times, suggesting work hours where we’re most alert and efficient. For some, this might be early morning; for others, late at night. The rigidity of the 9-to-5 would be replaced by a flexible schedule tailored to individual needs.

In businesses where round-the-clock operations are beneficial, like customer service or tech support, this model ensures there’s always a fresh team available. As a result, services could become faster, more efficient, and responsive to global needs.


Our daily experiences shape our visions of the future. Mine in Las Vegas, from the VIP lounges to the frontlines of Tesla’s innovation, have made it clear that AI has immense potential to reshape our daily lives for the better. By breaking free from traditional workday constraints and reimagining how we can utilize the 24 hours given to us, we stand on the brink of a revolution in productivity and urban living. Through AI, we might just find the rhythms that work best for each of us, harmonizing our cities in the process.

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