A summer of travel, politics, food, and booze… A silly little poem

I realize as I travel to see old friends I find myself looking up words like wends.  Some old friends appear and others remain at a distance,  while others stay in far off places like France.  The void is filled with new stories and experiences,  while food and drink make their lovely appearances.   I can see that I’m learning more as each day passes and forgetting things like always chasing asses.  I make phone calls and send texts, sometimes just looking for sex .  I stay single always ready to mingle.  The life of a traveler, a foodie, and an alcoholic or maybe you might consider me hyperbolic.  A good life filled with things to do as we talk about Democrats, Republicans and stir the pot full of political spew.   I am happy to have been to the places I know, but I still have so much room to grow.   I spread my love, and message of joy… for a man that is all work you will find difficult to enjoy.