I’m NOT a Fan!!! The Tollways in Orange County, CA

I don’t usually write negative reviews, but I will today.  I just received a letter from Fox Rent a Car that I owe them $45 for administration fees to pay for tolls I used on the 241, 133, and 73 highways in Orange County, Ca.  If this doesn’t feel like being stabbed in the back I don’t know what does.  First off the tolls now a days do not have attendants or machines collecting money like they did a few years back when I used them while living in California.  There is a website  www.thetollroads.com that is displayed on signs throughout the San Joaquin Hills Corridor transportation agency that asks visitors to pay their tolls online within 5 days ( 48 hours previously).  Of course paying tolls online is the last thing on my mind when returning to Las Vegas with an SUV full of items I had sitting in storage for 5 years, so yes I failed to pay the tolls in 5 days.  I see why these roads are so nice, but how about giving your customers a break, sending them a reminder, and letting them pay within 30 days?  We all know you have a racket SJHCT!