Oink, Oink, pigging out at Honey Pig Las Vegas – Korean BBQ

Honey pig is one of my favorite Korean BBQ restaurant chains. I first tried this place in Los Angeles, and I was ecstatic to find out there is one here in Las Vegas. At Honey Pig you can order by set or ala carte. Like most Korean BBQ’s your food is cooked in front of you either by the staff or you can choose to participate in the cooking experience. What I like the most is the obtuse cone shaped cast iron grill that is deployed to sizzle all the meats, kimchi, and water beans right in front of you. Honey Pig is ranked 10 on yelp, but I think it should be ranked a little bit higher because of their friendly staff and delicious food. This location is at 4725 Spring Mountain Rd # K, Las Vegas, NV 89102.