Petco Park – San Diego’s GEM!

What a place to watch a baseball game. This stadium is pet friendly, family friendly and commuter friendly. Located adjacent to San Diego’s Gas Lamp district, there’s a trolley and bus system that will have you leaving your car parked at home or your hotel. The stadium features an outfield family area where kids can swing for the fences hitting whiffle balls or play volleyball in the beach pit. Families can gather for a picnic in the grass as they watch their favorite players and fans of all ages can get great views of the teams from all angels of this park. The food selection at the concession stands is plentiful, but pricey so bring your debit and credit cards or load up on goodies before you come if you’re on a budget. There are also great views of San Diego’s downtown and the ocean is directly behind the stadium which gives the air that heavy marine layer freshness. You can find Petco at 100 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101 and when you’re ready to purchase tickets don’t forget to check Nomadic Nolan’s Golden Ticket affiliated site.

A summer of travel, politics, food, and booze… A silly little poem

I realize as I travel to see old friends I find myself looking up words like wends.  Some old friends appear and others remain at a distance,  while others stay in far off places like France.  The void is filled with new stories and experiences,  while food and drink make their lovely appearances.   I can see that I’m learning more as each day passes and forgetting things like always chasing asses.  I make phone calls and send texts, sometimes just looking for sex .  I stay single always ready to mingle.  The life of a traveler, a foodie, and an alcoholic or maybe you might consider me hyperbolic.  A good life filled with things to do as we talk about Democrats, Republicans and stir the pot full of political spew.   I am happy to have been to the places I know, but I still have so much room to grow.   I spread my love, and message of joy… for a man that is all work you will find difficult to enjoy.

Lake Tahoe on the Nevada/California border

After winning a contest to visit the Tesla Gigafactory, I found myself in Reno, NV with a few hours to kill.  I had never been to Lake Tahoe, and I had just enough bandwidth to drive there and back before the tour began.   The next thing I knew I was having breakfast,  snapping some amazing photos of the lake and the beautiful landscape that surrounded this majestic work of God.  I also saw an amazing golf course which I can’t wait to go back and play.  Please take a look at my photos below.

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…

Well here we are on my 39th year of life and I have to say I must be the luckiest man in the world. I have my health, family, friends, and so much to be thankful and happy about. I had a great time with my friend Derrick last night playing craps, eating steak and lobster, and we ended up at the High Roller for cocktails. I must be the most obnoxious drinker ever because I love to talk. My manager Iris at work gave me a sleeve of Titleist Pro V1’s, I won on the craps table and I woke up to my little cat Kimchi biting my fingers. I’ll spend the rest of my day playing golf at Bali Hai and responding to social media to all my birthday wishes. I love my people! I just wanted to share a few photos before I start my special day…

$5.50 movies at the Orleans 18 Theater in Las Vegas

I haven’t seen a movie at the theater in quite some time and I remembered the Orleans has a $5.50 movie night on Tuesdays. My girl and I decided to check out the Mummy. The Orleans 18 is a really nice theater that features stadium seating with leather reclining chairs, a decadent display of junk food to choose from, and of course 18 theaters, some with 3D available. I found myself getting really comfortable in the chair and fell asleep during most of the movie so I don’t have much of a review on the Mummy, but I will say this theater is a great place for a nap. You can find the Orleans 18 theater at 4500 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103, on the second level of the Orleans Casino and Resort.

That was for eagle…Made 3 on a par 5.

Palm Valley Golf Club is a manicured delicacy for golfers of all levels. Located in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada, Palm Valley offers 18 holes with beautiful fairways, water challenges, and well kept greens. My friend Justin and I met up for a friendly match and we had the chance to take some great photos of the mountains and plush green landscaping. You will find the pars 3 on this course to be the biggest test to your game along with hole number 9 which is a short par 4, but the green is guarded by a bunker on the right and a pond located at the back. Be careful on 9, I took an 8!