Don’t stay at the D if you care about your safety and your belongings

I have stayed at The D hotel on Fremont street a few times, but this last time was a total disaster. I was robbed in my hotel room while I was sleeping. It took the hotel a month to craft a report as to what happened, and their response was disappointing. They made me feel like it was some how my fault and that I must have invited the burglars to my room to take my items. I was able to track my phone the morning that I found out that it was missing and I gave the information to the D security. The hotel even has the photos of the suspects and still nothing. This hotel has a great steak house, and a pretty cool casino, but don’t stay here until they figure out how to keep out the trash they let roam around their hallways looking for rooms to break into. I was violated and their response “Go fuck yourself”!

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