The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab on the corner of Decatur and Flamingo is a to die for seafood restaurant chain, specializing in what else? Crab…My girlfriend and I mowed through a pound of Alaskan King Crab legs, an order of Cajun wings, and a couple of pieces of corn on the cob. I give this place a solid 4.5 out of 5.

Distill open 24 hours on Decatur off the strip.

My friend was at Distill and I had never been there before so I decided to go check it out. Distill is a Vegas locals bar, as it likes to market itself, on Decatur that serves food and drinks 24 hours a day. They also have gaming and pool tables. The place seems like a good spot to hang out with friends, it’s a good atmosphere, clean, and they have a friendly staff. I stopped in after work at 3 am and had a beer and a few chicken wings. I will go back.