Capo’s Italian Steakhouse and Speakeasy

When it comes to Italian food, I have been spoiled with some of the best dishes on earth. I’ve been to Milano, Venice, and lived in both Chicago and Des Moines both blessed with large Italian American populations. When it comes to Italian I hold the bar high. This was my first time in Capo’s at 5675 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89146. I give Capo’s props for their Chicago mafia themed speakeasy, which features live entertainment, dancing, red lighting, dark ambiance, and a door man that slides a small peak through door open to ask you what you want when you ring their door bell. I was skeptical when I saw their prices which for Italian food is rather high, but I kept an open mind and went for one of the house specialties, Chicken Anastasia. All of their specialties come with a house salad (I had mine with creamy garlic dressing and it was delicious), a side of spaghetti, and warm Italian bread. I sat at the bar and noticed the bartender and cooks sharing the same area. The fusion of alcohol service and watching the cooks hustle around behind the counter is actually entertaining. My eyes grew as I noticed other dishes being prepared like the lasagna which was served as two generous size portions that would attract any food enthusiast’s attention. When my dish arrived I was eager to move in on my first bite. Grazie, the initial taste was very succulent and met my standard for good Italian food. I finished my mail and had to stop myself from licking the plate. I will be going back to Capo’s.