Reserva Conchal Golf Club- A tropical layout nestled in the hills of Guanacaste Costa Rica

Ocean views, crocodiles, iguanas coati-mundi(raccoons) and one hell of a practice facility the Reserva Conchal Golf Club should be on your bucket list in Costa Rica if you enjoy golf as much as I do. This is a Robert Trent Jones designed layout that offers golfers a fantastic experience and challenge for players of all levels. My favorite hole is the number 4 par 5 that faces directly into the pacific ocean. The view is just spectacular off the tee and gets better as you approach the green. I was lucky enough to be one of the only golfers on this course during a nice, but very steamy hot day. I really enjoyed the golf cart as it had a terrific GPS system and also the staff in the bar & clubhouse who treated me like a king. You can book a tee time by calling or on their website, and you will receive a discount if you are a hotel guest at the W or Westin resorts. The Reserva Conchal is ranked 2nd in Costa Rica according to Top 100 golf Courses and you can find the Reserva Conchal at Playa Conchal Guanacaste Cabo Velas, 50308, Costa Rica.

Rosati’s Pizza oh how I love you…

First things first, I love pizza. I mean seriously love it, but not all pizzas are made the same. Some are fat, some are thin, and some will have you coming back for more time and time again. Rosati’s without a doubt is a go to for any pizza lover living in the Las Vegas valley. They offer Chicago deep dish, as well as thin crust options. I always seem to gravitate to their thin crust combination because it offers a decadent array of meat, vegetables, and cheese. The result is a mouth watering temptation which makes you crave every bite and saddened when the last piece is gone. I stopped in the location on Rainbow after a round of golf on Monday night, and found myself with an NFL game discount. Although I had to point out ot my server that there was a Monday night football game going on to get the discount applied to my bill, he nonetheless recognized the mistake and applied the savings. Rosati’s also offers several great draft beer specials, and I noticed a half off pizza special from 2:30 to 4:30 pm, but I would call them to make sure. Rosati’s has several locations, but I stopped at the one on Rainbow. Their address is 8060 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89139

Tipping in Las Vegas

You just got the bill now comes time to sign and tip. If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you’ll quickly learn that everyone will accept tips. Well most people that is. Some people will just outright beg. While others will expect nothing at all. However, for most practical purposes let’s answer a few basic questions. What percentage should you leave? Where does the tip go when you leave it?

As a customer you are ultimately in charge of whether you leave a tip or not. As you should be, after all you paid for a service and it’s up to you to give more if you feel the server deserved it. I will tell you though if you want to leave your server what is considered a “good tip” the industry standard in Las Vegas is 20% of your entire bill (and another 5 to 10% if the server has help). That is the magic number that most servers will strive for. However, that isn’t stopping you from leaving more or less, again I stress the importance of your own comfort levels on tipping, but so you know if you want to give your server a good tip remember the 20% mark, anything over that is greatly appreciated and should be given if well deserved and you can afford it. 15 to 20% is an okay tip, and anything below 15% will most likely get you a fake smile. Failing to tip means you were totally dissatisfied, and may lead to bad karma on your end so I would refrain from no tipping unless you feel you got totally ripped off.

That brings us to our second question. Where does the tip go when you leave it? Many establishments in Las Vegas pool their tips and later distribute an equal amount to all their servers, bussers, bartenders, barbacks, doormen, security or whatever. So to answer the question in a clear way is virtually impossible, because the tipping system can be totally different wherever you go. If you really want to know just ask and the staff or management and someone will explain the tipping procedures which as I mentioned can vary widely from place to place.

Finally, the people that work in the service industry in Las Vegas are very aware that in many customs around the world and even parts of the USA many people will simply not tip. However, that doesn’t mean you are going to get bad service if you don’t tip, just note that if you do tip especially up front you are more likely to get a better service experience had you not tipped.

Distill open 24 hours on Decatur off the strip.

My friend was at Distill and I had never been there before so I decided to go check it out. Distill is a Vegas locals bar, as it likes to market itself, on Decatur that serves food and drinks 24 hours a day. They also have gaming and pool tables. The place seems like a good spot to hang out with friends, it’s a good atmosphere, clean, and they have a friendly staff. I stopped in after work at 3 am and had a beer and a few chicken wings. I will go back.