Another Challenge… This time re-marketed

Yesterday was the first day of my new 24 day challenge for 2018, but the company has renamed the challenge the 24 day jump starter that is now part of an 80 day system. I guess if I feel like it on day 25, I’ll continue on and find out what that’s all about, but for now I am focused on getting through the first few days. Yesterday and today went well, I exercised and ate clean, took my supplements, and got some rest. I woke up early today and realized I’m starting to feel different. Kind of like the fat around my face is starting to burn away. To me this is a good feeling because I know I am going in the right direction in terms of weight loss. I was down a pound during this morning’s weigh in. I felt like my body was starting to make an adjustment and I had some moments of coffee with drawl. I forgot how irritable I can get without it, but it’s nice to put the java down and inhale some nice clean water. I went to the store after work and I wanted to eat everything that my eyes laid on, but I restrained myself and settled for some Boar’s Head turkey breast and veggies. I sauteed the combination in olive oil and dusted it with some spices and Bon Appétit baby. Other than that I met some great people today, and learned some valuable lessons.

Success! Challenge Complete

24 days and the challenge is over. I lost nearly 13 pounds! My measurements around my belly shrank to 35.5 inches, my chest was 42.5, bicep 17.5, and my quadricep is now 24 inches around. My reasons for taking on the 24 day challenge brought to us by Advocare, were a two prong approach. I was and I am currently looking for products that I can recommend on my blog, and I wanted to lose weight. The 24 day challenge seemed to be introduced to me at the perfect time so I jumped on the opportunity. I spent the last few weeks documenting, photo taking, and mentally focusing on this event in my life as a serious positive change. I would like to thank my long time friend Nick Ritz for turning me on to the Advocare products that have made an impact on my life. The combination of supplements, meal plan, and exercise helps people like me and you suppress cravings for alcohol, caffeine, and junk food. The first several days were the hardest part as I encountered many opportunities to indulge in eating and drinking, but I kept telling myself how important it was to stick to the plan for 24 days. I tried to weigh myself at least every other day as this activity helped stimulate my desire to stick to the plan as best as I could. As I saw my weight drop first a pound, then 2 pounds, then 4, then 7, then 8, then 10, then 12, and finally 13 I cannot begin to describe the level of satisfaction and happiness that I experienced. For me my health is my wealth, so getting into shape and feeling sober, less sluggish, and overall more aware about my surroundings and enjoying my life on a different wave length makes me want to continue on with this life style. I will continue to use and support the Advocare products. I am a firm believer in everything in moderation including moderation. That is why I can safely say that taking the 24 day challenge is a perfect catalyst to achieving your fitness and health goals in a way you can still enjoy great meals and cutting out alcohol if you’re a drinker. I am more than happy to share the details of my experience with you and if you have any questions about the products or would like to order the 24 day challenge, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram or by email. If you would like to order the product now please click on this link. and you will be directed to my distributor page.

Day 1 wrap up 24DC

It’s been a great day overall. I got a call from my friend who told me about the challenge and he cleared up my questions about meals and when to take the supplements. I played 27 holes of golf, ran over 2 miles and did 4 sets of leg exercises including squats (my favorite, really). I weighed in at 228 pounds before my work out and 227 after. I’m going to enjoy some deep sleep and get ready for tomorrow at work. I forgot to mention I cooked my own meal and will add pictures tomorrow.

Day 1 of the 24 day challenge

It’s 10:40 am PST.  I still have not received my Advocare 24 day challenge products.  The package was expected to be delivered yesterday.  I have decided to improvise a little and polish off a small serving of some left over Korean BBQ, that included pork belly(sam gip sal) and rice.  I also had 2 cups of coffee without sugar, a 16 oz bottle of water and I tried a new mixology contraption that my girlfriend created that was a mint latte.  Overall, not a lot of food, and I finished at 9:44 am.  I plan on hitting the gym later today for a weigh in and workout.  I began working out last night and completed a 30 minute run walk that was about 2.6 miles and 10 sets of bicep and tricep exercises that I engaged in until failure.  I’ll post an update later today.

Mark your calendars! 7/7/2017, 24 day challenge! Let’s lose some pounds!

Summer is here and I’ve been eating like it’s Thanksgiving. It’s already the 4th of July, so let’s enjoy the LONG weekend, but after that it’s time to take our health a little more seriously.

I’ve decided to take a challenge, the 24 day challenge by Advocare. It’s already worked for a few of my friends who I trust so it’s time to give it my review. I picked a date July 7, 2017.

Join me and lose some extra pounds to get into that perfect beach club body shape.  You can sign up with me with the following link…