Intermittent Fasting the 16:8 method, burn fat and eat what you want.

From June 1st to December 16th 2018(2 days after my birthday) I spared no calorie while I dined at amazing restaurants, spent time with lovely friends, and traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and my first trip to Australia. During this duration I must have put on 30 pounds of blubber. When I got back from Australia I looked myself in the mirror and was like I have to do something drastic in order to regain my physique. I decided to kick off an intermittent fast and so far I am having amazing results.  I’m now 2 weeks into this method and the last time I checked I had lost 8 pounds, but even more by now since I don’t weigh myself everyday.  I now look into the mirror with more confidence knowing I am shedding pounds instead of gaining them.  My pants fit better and I have more energy.   The way the fast works is like this you don’t eat for 16 hours!  That’s it… You still get to eat what you want from 12 pm to 8 pm and then nothing.  You can have coffee, tea, or water to suppress your appetite, and I even enjoy alcohol like vodka soda water or red wine.   I cut out beer from my choices and drinks loaded with sugar.  The first day was rough, but now my mind set is on track and I see myself staying the course, with a special occasion meal from time to time that happens to fall outside of the 8 hour interval to accommodate my friend’s schedules.  If you want to learn more check out this link.   Also, don’t forget to exercise, run, lift, swim, stay active!