Nevada & California 2020 Pandemic Travels – 4th stop Mammoth Lakes, California

Papa Bear

Mammoth Lakes is about a 3 hour drive from South Lake Tahoe and was one of our surprise stops since we didn’t plan on going here. The drive is quite beautiful and scenic. We took the NV highway 207 and then the 395 south which is pretty much a straight shot south from Tahoe. I was able to find a decent rate on a hotel room at the Empeiria High Sierra and there was a great little BBQ spot down the street that my dad and I ate at called Uncle Jimmy’s. After checking into our hotel we went for a drive into the mountains and discovered a plethora of activities that people were enjoying including horse back riding, mountain biking, fishing, camping & taking photos. Mammoth Lakes turned out to be one of my favorite spots on the trip to take pictures which I have included below. After our drive I took off on foot for a walk around town to check out the local shops & Golf Course called Sierra Star. As I was walking I ran into some people that spotted a bear which made me quite nervous so I decided to cut through the golf course to get back to the hotel. All in all Mammoth Lakes is a nice quaint sleeper town and I would love to go back and engage in more outdoor activities.

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Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, NV 2018

The last time I went to Electric Daisy Carnival was in Los Angeles, Ca.  The event was held there for years before moving to Las Vegas due to a young lady’s death at the event.  Over the years tickets have become rather expensive and I have had to work during the festival so I had not made it out to the Las Vegas motor speedway to experience the lights, rides, music and people, but this year 2018 I had my chance.  I signed up for a job to help clean up the event and I was given a weekend all access pass.  I had a great time and I’m glad I got the opportunity.  Check out my photos and videos below.



I’m NOT a Fan!!! The Tollways in Orange County, CA

I don’t usually write negative reviews, but I will today.  I just received a letter from Fox Rent a Car that I owe them $45 for administration fees to pay for tolls I used on the 241, 133, and 73 highways in Orange County, Ca.  If this doesn’t feel like being stabbed in the back I don’t know what does.  First off the tolls now a days do not have attendants or machines collecting money like they did a few years back when I used them while living in California.  There is a website that is displayed on signs throughout the San Joaquin Hills Corridor transportation agency that asks visitors to pay their tolls online within 5 days ( 48 hours previously).  Of course paying tolls online is the last thing on my mind when returning to Las Vegas with an SUV full of items I had sitting in storage for 5 years, so yes I failed to pay the tolls in 5 days.  I see why these roads are so nice, but how about giving your customers a break, sending them a reminder, and letting them pay within 30 days?  We all know you have a racket SJHCT!

Ask me about “free” rides in Las Vegas

If you have never been to Vegas, or are returning and need a ride there are multiple options. Taxis, limos, shuttles, buses, and ride shares are available throughout the city, and depending on where you are going many times you can get a “free” ride. I happen to drive with Lyft and I know several limo and taxi drivers in town. Feel free to reach out to me at to learn more.