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Like an angel from heaven my friend Antonio came to me with an amazing opportunity to become an independent travel agent.  I’ll be up front, because of my love for vacations and blogging he had my ear as soon as he said travel.  After hearing him out and going over the process I signed up and launched my own travel portal where you, your friends, and family can now book flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises and vacation packages.  That’s right!  You can now book travel on & booking is simple.  Click on the Book Travel button on the menu bar above or click here to start planning your next trip.   Also, please leverage the information and blog posts on my site to get ideas, and you’re always welcome to reach out to me by email to ask any questions.  Happy travels!



Bali, Indonesia

Arriving at the Densapar airport in Bali, Indonesia gives you quite the feeling of tranquility as the facility is rather large, modern, and not as busy as many others throughout S.E.  Asia.  One thing I did love about this airport is that I was fortunate to meet a new friend, our driver Oka.  Not only did Oka drop us off at our hotel in Seminyak, he was our guide during our entire trip.  He drove us to the site where you can purchase the world’s most expensive Luwak coffee.  Oka also took us on an ATV adventure ride, to the monkey sanctuary in Ubud, to the beach, golfing, and he even hung out with us at the clubs.  I cannot tell you how grateful I was to meet him.  My friend Hector and I stayed at The Haven Bali hotel in the Seminyak region of the island which included a daily breakfast buffet, wonderful all you can eat dinner options, an awesome pool, and a free shuttle to the Double Six beach located on the southwest side of the island.  One of the most memorable moments was getting to the ocean and having a light rain cool us off, followed by a dinner and hookah at the La Plancha Beach bar and restaurant.   We also went to the clubs in Seminyak including the famous and funky La Favela which is surrounded by  other night venues like the Red Carpet Champagne Bar.  I will not however, I feel the better night life options can be found in Kuta Beach.   Finally, if you are a golfer like me I highly recommend playing the Bali National Golf Club near Nusa Dua Beach.  Bali National is one of the best courses I have played on the planet and I’ve played some great ones.  Whatever you decide to do in Bali let, please let me know if you need a driver as I am sure Oka would love to take you on a tour of this beautiful island in Indonesia.




Canyon Ranch Spa at the Palazzo and Venetian

The Canyon Ranch spa is a opulent oasis of relaxation nestled on the 3rd floor of the Palazzo hotel and extends into the Venetian through a corridor of color and art. The spa features a plethora of rooms to enjoy, as well as two full service gyms, one that has a rock climbing wall. The spa pass also give you access to the pools at Palazzo and Venetian. A day pass costs $60, but if you show your Nevada ID you will receive a 10% discount. I found the best buy is the 3 day pass with the discount the final bill comes to $112.50. At the time of my purchase I asked the staff if I could use the passes anytime and they said yes. I also asked if my girlfriend could use one of the days of my 3 day pass, once again the staff said they could arrange it. However, after purchasing the pass I asked the next set up staff members that I saw later that day if my girlfriend could use the pass and they were unsure, and said a manager would need to approve, but probably would not. On my second visit I asked again if my girlfriend could use one of the days on the pass, and the lady said no. I explained to her what I was told when I bought the pass and that her staff should get their communication straight so they don’t run into upset customers. Overall, I was very satisfied with my experience. My girlfriend and I found the coed areas to be less private than other spas around Las Vegas, but yet the Canyon Ranch Spa is a winner. The only draw back was the staff’s communication on the 3 day pass, so I will rate the Spa a 4.5 out of 5.