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Like an angel from heaven my friend Antonio came to me with an amazing opportunity to become an independent travel agent.  I’ll be up front, because of my love for vacations and blogging he had my ear as soon as he said travel.  After hearing him out and going over the process I signed up and launched my own travel portal where you, your friends, and family can now book flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises and vacation packages.  That’s right!  You can now book travel on & booking is simple.  Click on the Book Travel button on the menu bar above or click here to start planning your next trip.   Also, please leverage the information and blog posts on my site to get ideas, and you’re always welcome to reach out to me by email to ask any questions.  Happy travels!



Thrilled to have my photography for sale on Getty Images.

My collection of photos is being featured on Getty Images.  I am ecstatic that my work has been selected to be sold on a premier platform like Getty that has a global reach and outstanding reputation.  You can buy and view my photos using the following link. Casey’s photos for sale on Getty Images.  You can also find a collection of my photography on the EyeEm platform using this link to Casey’s photos on EyeEm.

KoKoRo Ramen is a diamond in the rough.

KoKoRo Ramen is on the outskirts of Las Vegas.  Located on Flamingo near the 215 interstate this gem is found outside of the traditional location of Chinatown where most of it’s competitors can be visited.  If you have tried other ramen places in Las Vegas like Sora, Jinya, or Monta you will find  packed environments and usually you’ll have to wait to get a table.  At KoKoRo ramen the word is not yet out and you can easily be seated within seconds which is what I experienced the two times I have been there.  The food is good, the noodles aren’t quite as authentic tasting as you will find at places like Monta, but still you will find an exceptionally pleasing bowl of ramen.  You can find KoKoRo Ramen at 9484 W Flamingo Rd ste 175, Las Vegas, NV 89147.  Also, try the chashu fried rice, it is delicious.



A language app worth considering

If you have studied Chinese, Japanese,
Korean or would like to learn any of these 3 languages check out Lingodeer. I was playing around with a couple of Japanese lessons and it was awesome. It’s truly a blessing in disguise.

Travel smart and cheap in Japan (Nihon)

I got an early morning text from my former boss asking about transportation options in Japan.  It always peaks my interest when I get travel questions and I can give advice that really helps someone.  He asked about how he could get from Narita Airport to his hotel in central Tokyo.  There are several options including car service which is expensive and can cost around $150 to $300. The more practical options include trains which are super fast, and buses which are very pleasant to ride in.  My suggestion to anyone traveling to Japan, and who plans on seeing more than one city, is getting a Japanese Rail Pass. There are several types of rail passes available, 7 and 14 day etc.  and also passes designed for specific regions or the entire country.  The passes may include Shinkansen trains (which are some of the world’s fastest), buses, and ferries.  The Japan Rail pass can be purchased online and then picked up at the airport you land at in Japan.  There are numerous web sites to find more information and purchase your pass, but I recommend the following links.

Tokyo Cheapo


Japan Guide

Japan Rail Pass