Oracle Ballpark – Home of the San Francisco Giants

Without doubt this is one of my favorite baseball stadiums on the planet. Situated right next to the San Francisco bay, plenty of bars and restaurants in the nearby vicinity, and a loyal fan base, the home of the Giants is a great place for a baseball game. Once inside you’ll realize nearly every seat is a great view of the field and the food options are to die for. This is one of the only stadiums I have been to with views of the sea. A massive baseball glove sculpture sits along side of a giant Coke bottle in left field, and if a homer is hit down the right field line it will most likely land in the bay to a gang of kayakers waiting to fish the ball out of the water. I’ve been fortunate to sit in the corporate boxes for a game here and it’s nothing but a party. I highly recommend going to a game at Oracle Park if you’re in San Francisco, but take note that tickets don’t come cheap, but you can always check Nomadic Nolan’s Golden Tickets for the best prices. You can find Oracle Park at 24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94107.

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