Day 1 of the 24 day challenge

It’s 10:40 am PST.  I still have not received my Advocare 24 day challenge products.  The package was expected to be delivered yesterday.  I have decided to improvise a little and polish off a small serving of some left over Korean BBQ, that included pork belly(sam gip sal) and rice.  I also had 2 cups of coffee without sugar, a 16 oz bottle of water and I tried a new mixology contraption that my girlfriend created that was a mint latte.  Overall, not a lot of food, and I finished at 9:44 am.  I plan on hitting the gym later today for a weigh in and workout.  I began working out last night and completed a 30 minute run walk that was about 2.6 miles and 10 sets of bicep and tricep exercises that I engaged in until failure.  I’ll post an update later today.

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