Sequoia National Park

When the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas start getting to you and you need a break we are fortunate to be close to so many natural wonders.  Nature was calling me and I ended up renting a car from Dollar and drove up to Bakersfield, CA.  I stayed the night after a 4 hour drive and then woke up for another 1 hour trip up into the mountains of Sequoia National Park.  My mission was to see the biggest tree in the world, General Sherman.  Although, the General is not the tallest tree in the world, what makes it the biggest of all trees is it’s massive trunk.  I saw a lot of amazing things that day, including a forest fire, white water rapids, Crystal Cave, and of course the amazing sequoia trees. Check out these photos and do yourself a favor and go take some of your own some day if you haven’t already…

Sequoia National Park Photos

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